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Eduardo Merino

The first day in my clinic is the most important of all.It’s the day I listen more, I watch more and I usually leave the rhythms and the theme to be taken to the taste of those who look for me.

There is always the expectation of the user of “How will be?”

I think at first I unfurl those little emotions created by what they hear. When we hear it said, we create an image and I see that who does not know me, when he sees me for the first time is somewhat surprised. (I promise one day to grow old)

However there is something always in common in all these first queries.


I always ask. “After all this description of symptoms, where we evaluate a set of manifestations of your body.What do you think is important to change?”

People hate change because change requires self-evaluation (people hate to see they are wrong) and a way out of the comfort zone (change behaviors).

People often reject the changes

So I say, “If you want to change, I’m here to help you. If you understand that you do not have to change, then you do not need me for nothing and you came to waste your time.”

And usually there begins a good friendship …

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