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Eduardo Merino


It is not the night you seek, you hide yourself from what the sun makes you see.Because when you throw the first stone, in your emotions already thousand bombs have landed in that destiny.

And then things flow without you notice. You are always there, but the perceived masks are so many, that you wander to the rhythms of what you perceive. But actually no one will notice the same as you. Because you will plagiarize every replica of need that comes to you.

You treat someone as a king, only to rescue a queen in you!

You give food to the hungry, to feed the beggar that is always in you.

And you help your colleague with that problem, just to really feel important in someone’s life.

Everything is always about your mirror, this mirror that charges you every second.

In a first instance in emotions that flood you with physiology, then the conscious takes over and your feelings condition every action you plan, and in that point nothing will stop you there. And no matter how much you deny your existence, you can change your behavior until the death separates you.

And even at that last breath, you will be dictating the last goodbye!

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