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Eduardo Merino

The world is meticulously drawn to depress us.
Being in good with life does not help in any way this economistic state.
 Disgrace, sickness, sadness and fear, these are fertile fuels for turning this social roulette wheel.
Basically the great mass is carved to put the world to buy what it is not, doing what it does not like, to be what others want. In other words, we will be depressed, maximum demand with our image, tired, anxious and sick.
Here are the condiments needed for miracle cures, anti-aging treatments, dream lives in novels, reality shows and highly sensationalist media. Obviously, this market earns millions.
Being at ease working motivated, good at yourself, reading your book, doing healthy physical activity, picking food from the yard, riding with your 6-year-old car, and vacationing in a country house sent half a world to bankruptcy.
So I understand that being happy and grateful for life is almost an act of extreme rebellion. However for the good of the human race and the planet we inhabit, do not go extinct.


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