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Eduardo Merino

Thank you for showing us that the best way to teach us is by loving each other.

Thank you Father because in all these years we have never heard you raise your voice to our Mother.
Thank you Mother that in no day you have given up on the Father.

The human basis that makes us people, do not see in the books, nor teach themselves on television. We have it in our cells and we do not even notice it. And they made it sound easy. Easy to over even.
For us, a family never separates.
For us it is obvious to have both parents in the same bed until they die.
For us the grandchildren always have the grandfather and the grandmother ready to receive them in the house where we were born.

And when we stop and really see how the world is, we realize that we live in an enchanted bubble. A fable at Wonderland level.
Thank you for showing us that this is possible after all.

We will never forget you!
I will love you forever!
Congratulations and for the year there is more!

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